• New York, NY

“Design and style comes deep from within…a result of pure passion”.
Tahar when translated means “pure” in Hebrew. It’s to no surprise why Rinat Tahar of Tahar Décor has been able to reach the hearts of many clients with her sharp and rich talent for interior decorating.

Starting out in 2004, simply, yet creatively transforming units for friends in Manhattan, quickly spiraled into opportunities beyond her wildest dreams. Having the opportunity to work on projects for the late and former president Bongo of Gabon, West Africa, with strong support of a well seasoned design team to help rejuvenate tourism to the region, Rinat quickly realized that her innate talent was the only true path to follow. Validity in her art and passion shortly followed thereafter while leaving her decorating mark on residential units located in the East midtown New York district, owned by Extell Development CO. which was handed the recognition of being the best selling condos in 2008.

With a diverse style and vision, along with understanding the needs and concerns of her clients, Rinat has truly created a formula for continued success. “Each project is my pride and joy” as she states, looking to achieve individuality through the client’s perspective yet still leaving her signature mark on each canvas.
Indeed decorating through the eyes of Rinat truly is a work of art. There is no task unworthy, too simple or complex to take on for Tahar Décor.
“You can take a simple chair in one room and allow it to get lost in the room, or decide to let that one chair be dignified”. The deciding factor is our vision.

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Rinat Tahar in New York, NY on Houzz
Rinat Tahar in New York, NY on Houzz
Rinat Tahar in New York, NY on Houzz
Rinat Tahar in New York, NY on Houzz
Rinat Tahar in New York, NY on Houzz
Rinat Tahar in New York, NY on Houzz